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Featured Creatives

Patricia Thebez

Wildflower, 2021

Patricia Thebez

Decade-long journey to find stability and now, freedom, Thebez  paints lenses in hopes that individuals with mental conditions can be understood.

Blue - A Scented Journey Through Memories, 2021

AO Singapore by Raf

After leaving his professional career of 10 years, Raf braved himself through the journey he is about to embark in curating scents, inspired by key moments in life.

A workshop based session where we will be transporting you to a safe haven where your emotions would be engaged through art.

Me-time session


Have you heard of the famous folk tale of SAINOU


What is


SAINOU (Sai-know) meaning talent, is one gift that we believe everyone is born with.

At SAINOUSPACE, we take pride in being fully committed to your success by continuously

pushing the boundaries and improving the standards of lessons and programmes.

SAINOUSPACE is a creative, music and arts co-learning space.


We seek to connect with creatives to impart knowledge in music (vocals and instrumental), the arts and career planning,

just to name a few. 

The ever growing SAINOU network consists of a wide web of individuals, all masters of their

art in their respective industry thus enabling us to bring lessons out of the classroom. 

We look forward to connecting with you.

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