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Vocal Programme

In the world of vocal artistry, SAINOUSPACE has created an effective learning system that has

helped many vocal artistes and enthusiasts alike.

Whether you are just starting out or have been

working on your voice for a while, this will open

up a new perspective on your vocal studies.

With almost 20 years of vocal experience, Derrick Tay, who now heads the Vocal Department, brings you an original and comprehensive learning approach that will enhance your vocal quality, condition your voice and discover your

unique vocal personality.

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“I have been taking classes with Derrick for almost 3 years now. I appreciate his patience and creativity to tackle topics in helping me achieve my goal..."

- Adeline Lim, Vocal Student

Online Workshops

Breathing Technique and Dynamic Expression

is back by popular Demand!

Limited slots available.

Breathing Technique - 20th June 2020 / 3.00p.m.

Fees Apply

-5 pax

-60 mins


Regardless which level of proficiency you are at right now,

it is important to constantly work on the concept of "breath"

As seen across different practices and forms (martial arts, dance,

singing, acting, playing musical instruments and sports),

we will find out why proper breathing technique has always been

observed and integrated in the training.


Dynamic Expression - 27th June 2020 / 3.00p.m.

Fees Apply

-5 pax

-60 mins


Have you ever been emotionally charged by a performance? 

Have you ever felt the impulse to move or sing along to the music?


Empowering your voice with dynamic expression is a sure way in improving your overall singing performance.


How does your sign up help others?

Looking at exploring vocals on a more structured level?

SAINOUSPACE offers other programmes that will suit

every learning objective.

Online Vocal Curriculum Classes


Physical Vocal Curriculum Classes

Contact us to request for programme guides, pricing or anything else you  have in mind!

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