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About Us

SainouSpace is a collaborative art, music, design and wellness space that works with creative individuals and organisations of all industries, to enrich and empower others through curated programmes and the art of storytelling.

Sainou <pronounced as sai-know> means talent. It is one gift that we believe everyone is born with. Started at the peak of the 2020 pandemic, SainouSpace aims to be a safe space; an intimate and sustainable platform for creators, makers and doers that nurtures collaboration, community and progress through genuine engagement.



Get to know the mystical

Sainou creatures and

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Artist Showcase & Residency 

As part of SainouSpace's annual Open Call, creative individuals of various artistic fields are supported with a platform to create and showcase their works. 


Community Workshops

From candle-making workshops to kids' painting sessions, SainouSpace started Me-Time Sessions to create a space for people to refocus on themselves, for themselves.

Corporate Engagement

SainouSpace has also collaborated with other creatives to bring engagement to a commercial level with brand work and interactive storytelling.


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