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Inspired by our love for the local community and in pursuit of cultivating a safe space for creativity to bloom - the dream of SainouSpace started.

Meet the Founders

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Herman Shah

Herman started his creative journey with his love for books. Coming from a broken home allowed his imagination to bring him to happier places and fueled his pursuit of a career in graphic design before finding his way into the business of fashion and retail. Having worked for brands like A.P.C, Monocle and Hugo Boss, he has cultivated an eye for detail. Now, he advises corporate clients on brand engagement and creates experiential programmes in the space. He hopes to be the catalyst for the community to see the potential in themselves.

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Derrick Tay

Derrick Tay is a multidisciplinary artist that advocates the importance of an inward journey through his work and exploration. With his major in Theatre Arts (BA Hons) and a double diploma in Performance and Popular Vocal Teaching (London College of Music). He uses his skill set to create unique experiences that facilitate deep emotional connections and introspection for participants at SainouSpace. He is a known musician, vocalist, actor and educator.

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