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Blue - A Scented Journey Through Memories, 2021

AO Singapore by Raf

AO Singapore

After leaving his professional career of 10 years, Raf  braved himself through the journey he is about to embark in curating scents, inspired by key moments in life

AO Singapore

An aficionado of fine fragrances, Raf has always been experimenting with scents, translating them into various products from home candles to perfumes. The inspiration behind the creation stems out from the desire to revisit and relive precious memories from the part. Raf also referenced his travel in different geographies to create and curate scents for the present.

As the founder of AO Singapore, he creates a variety of home fragrance products for the living space. The candles, in their blue and white ceramic vessels, are beautiful keepsakes that can be refilled, reused and repurposed. Raf also runs scent-blending and candle workshops to not only share his passion for fragrances but believes it serves as a good opportunity for people to reconnect with themselves. 

"BLUE aims to bring people on an experimental journey through familiar scents that nudge them to reconnect and relive happy memories from the past. It's also a reminder to always take a moment in our constantly moving life, to recalibrate, rejuvenate and reconnect with ourselves"

AO Singapore

AO, meaning blue, unveils itself in a form of collected memories through scents stored in a blue box. The journey started with the love of fragrances that has a nostalgic quality to it. AO, encapsulate these cherished moments in handcrafted coconut blend candles and other carefully curated products, in luxurious blue and white ceramic vessels. Each piece, worthy of keepsakes can also be refilled, reused and repurposed.

To ensure each product to be of superior quality, we select only fine fragrances and 100% therapeutic essential oils sourced from all over the world. Our artisanal candles are made using coconut blend wax that burns clean, long and gives a great hot and cold scent. Our sustainably sourced wooden wicks offer a soothing crackling sound and a beautiful tear-shaped flame for you to relax and recalibrate.

*Register your interest for the showcase or workshop here.

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