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How can what you gain,

be what you give back?


From day one, SAINOUSPACE has made a pledge to not only develop and encourage individuals in their creative pursuits but to also be there for individuals who do not have the means to start

the journey of self discovery. 


We thank you for choosing SAINOUSPACE. 

Every time you attend any of our programmes, another under privileged individual is a step

closer on starting theirs. 

A percentage of your fees will contribute to funds that give a helping hand to those who are encountering hardships by paying for workshops / classes / self development programmes and materials needed by these individuals, organised at the co-learning space.

The #SAINOUCARE programme believes that

no one should be left behind.


Be a Patron

You can help by signing up for any of our programmes by contacting us through email or you can sign up to be

a patron of SAINOUSPACE.


As a patron of SAINOUSPACE you get to enjoy invitations to our events, discounts on programmes and merchandise. 

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