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Whisperlodge Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Experience
    Relax and let our trained guides lead you through 90 minutes of live ASMR sequences. Apart from the registration, everything else is conducted in whispers with minimal background music. This, with Whisperlodge’s signature dim coloured lighting, makes for a extremely quiet, calm and mysterious escape. You will always be accompanied by one of our guides, so you can let down your guard and follow our lead. Each time slot accommodates only 4 guests and most of your time will be spent 1-on-1 with different guides. We use a lot of physical touch in the experience, but only gently and with your consent. Please note, punctuality is key. Guests must arrive 15 min early to settle in and use the restroom. There is no late entry due to the sound-sensitivity of the experience. Photography is not allowed during the experience. You will be asked to silence and put away your mobile devices and we will keep your belongings safe for you.
  • Hygiene & Sensitivities
    ASMR tools used on the skin are washed and sanitized after each use. We have multiples of each tool to make sure every guest gets a new piece. We use a variety of essential oils throughout the experience. If you have specific skin sensitivities, simply let our guide know at registration.
  • Ticket Information
    Price: $158 Dates: 17, 24 Sep & 1, 9 Oct Times: 2:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm, 9:30pm (Arrival time is 15 min before these times) Venue: 5 minutes walk from Tai Seng MRT Exit A (will be revealed to ticket holders)
  • Important Ticket Terms
    The Organiser/Venue Owner reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission/evict any person(s) whose conduct is disorderly or inappropriate or who poses a threat to security, or to the enjoyment of the Event by others. Ticket holders assume all risk of injury and all responsibility for property loss, destruction or theft and release the promoters, performers, sponsors, ticket outlets, venues, and their employees from any liability thereafter. The resale of ticket(s) at the same or any price in excess of the initial purchase price is prohibited. There is no refund, exchange, upgrade, or cancellation once ticket(s) are sold.
  • Guest Participation Contract
    Due to Whisperlodge's uniquely intimate nature, all guests must agree to the following participation rules. These terms are available here on our website, in our ticketing page, and will be mentioned again when you arrive at the venue. In buying your ticket, you understand and agree that,: Whisperlodge is not to be interpreted as sexual. All whispering and touching will be conducted in a professional and non-sexual manner with the intention of providing care, intimacy and relaxation. Open communication and express consent is practiced throughout the session. You always have the right to request for adjustments or to decline at any time. Touching is limited to the head, hair, face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, unless otherwise communicated. You will remain fully clothed throughout the session, with hands outside of clothing at all times. Cleanliness and adequate hygiene are required by both guests and guides. Should any action be interpreted as inappropriate or at risk of personal safety, we reserve the right to terminate the session immediately with no warning or refund.
  • Age Suitability
    This experience is suitable for ages 18 and above. Entry will be denied to anyone who, if asked, cannot provide photographic ID proving that they are over 18.
  • Must I Experience ASMR to Enjoy This?
    Nope! Although we use ASMR techniques, the goal of the experience is not simply to trigger the tingles. Rather, our goal is to provide relaxation, intimacy, and care by gently heightening your perceptual awareness.
  • About ASMR
    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a sensory phenomenon where viewers feel pleasurable tingles from specific visual, auditory and haptic triggers. First observed and discussed on the internet in 2007, the phenomenon is only beginning to be studied academically. A study published by The University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom in June 2018 showed that people can experience a significant decrease in their heart rate while watching ASMR videos - an indicator of its relaxing properties. You can find out more at ASMR University where Dr. Craig Richard PhD is documenting and researching this sensory phenomenon.
  • What to Wear
    Wear comfortable, loose clothing that allows you to walk, sit on the couch, sit on the floor, squat and lie down. Our venue runs cold thanks to the powerful aircon. Please bring a jacket if you get cold easily. For shoes, wear something that is easy to slip in and out of as our venue is shoes-off inside. Please avoid make up and hair styling as we may be touching your face, hair, shoulders, and hands. You will also be blindfolded at times. For the bespectacled, don’t worry, you can remove your glasses momentarily and put them back on after the blindfolded segments.
  • Restrooms
    Please note that our unique venue is quite old and only has squatting toilets. That being said, its cleaner than most public toilets. If you are not comfortable with this, please use the restroom before arriving.
  • Access
    If you have any accessibility requirements, or have any questions about the content and facilities, please write in at and we will try our best to accommodate. For your consideration: Guests will not need to climb stairs or engage in major physical activity apart from walking and sitting (lying down is optional). Whisperlodge is very dimly lit with coloured lighting. Whisperlodge has made our experiences Deaf accessible in the US. Although this edition is not so, we do have a good understanding of how we can adapt for Deaf or hard of hearing guests. There are no accessible restrooms at the venue.
  • About Whisperlodge
    Whisperlodge is a pioneer in the creation of immersive in-person ASMR experiences. Beginning in 2016, we’ve run our cult favourite production 16 times in NYC, SF and LA. Whisperlodge has been featured on Netflix, PBS’s All Arts, The New York Times and more. We’ve also made unique ASMR content and activations for Audible, Refinery29, and Marriott Hotels. Find out more at
  • About SainouSpace
    SainouSpace is a collaborative art and music space that works with creative individuals and organisations of all industries, to enrich and empower others through curated programmes of all art forms. Find out more at

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Images by Chia Lynn Kwa. Video by Dylan Quek.

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